Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Best of 2009

Ok, I know it's midnight, but I got a creative urge and had to go with it! My friend Ruth posted a slideshow of her year on her blog, and I knew that I needed to do one for my family. I had some time after all my homework was done and I was able to put this together. It's not very good since I am just a first timer, but it captures the sentiment I was going for and brings me joy every time I watch it. I'm not very good with art or dance or poetry, but this was something that I could create. And more importantly, it is a small way to give back to the family that has given so much to me.

So here you go, guys. The best of our 2009.


  1. Um, that is the cutest ever! Did your mom CRY when she watched it? I'm guessing yes.

    I make one of those for our family every year and they are my favorite things ever. Love them!

    Way to go Tasha!

  2. haha yeah, my mom said she cried. But definitely good tears. What a blessing it is to have an eternal family!

  3. Oh, tasha. I know exactly how you feel, especially about the expensive clothes, perfect, smart, beautiful girls! I think you're smart and beautiful, and although it may not help you, it helped me to see someone else was having the same struggles I was, even though they may seem silly sometimes. You rock, and I'm glad we're friends!