Tuesday, January 26, 2010

22 ways to Insult somone in German

1. Warmduscher - Someone who has to have a warm shower (freaks out if it's too hot or too cold)
2. Muttersöhnchern - Mama's boy
3. Weichei - Soft egg
4. Daumenlutscher - Thumb sucker
5. Toastkratzer - Toast scraper (too finicky to eat burnt toast!)
6. Hamsterbefreier - Hamster freer
7. Flugseuglandungklutscher - Someone who claps for landing airplanes
8. Spagettikleinschneider - Someone who is so OCD that they have to cut their spaghetti into small pieces
9. Teletubbieszurückwinker - Someone who waves back to the teletubbies
10. Letztes-klupapier-verbraucher - Last toilet paper user
11. Rolltreppensteher - Escalator stander (on European escalators, standers are on the right and walkers are on the left. This refers to someone standing on the left, therefore getting in everyone else's way,)
12. Pokemon-süßfinder - Great Pokemon catcher
13. Müllsortierer - Garbage sorter
14. Handschuhschneewerfer - Someone who is too much of a pansy to make a snowball with their bare hands
15. Sockenbügler - Sock ironer
16. Tofu-Esser - Tofu eater
17. Baby-popo-Trockenföner - Someone who blow-dries their baby's bum
18. Klofrauenbezahler - The lady you have to pay to use a "public" restroom in Germany
19. Dackel-bei-Gefahr-Hochnehmer - Someone who isn't secure without their Wiener dog
20. Mit-augstreckem-Arm-über-die-Zebrastreifen-geher - Someone who needlessly acts as a crossing guard when crossing the street
21. Pizza-mit-Messer-und-Gabel-Esser - Pizza with fork and knife eater
22. Gartenzwergaufsteller - Garden gnome putter-upper

I promise we learn real things in my class as well. Just not today.


  1. That made my morning so much happier. Germans crack me up on a regular basis with their compound words and ridiculous phrases. I've also heard 'Currywurst-Fresser'. Not really sure why that one was an insult, but it could have something to do with eating way more currywurst than should be possible? :)

  2. haha i am so glad you took note of all these! i was wishing i had! they are so hilarious! that class cracks me up.