Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"You Have Everything You Need To Be Happy"

I got a letter from my best friend the other day that taught me something profound. Sometimes among all the talent at BYU, I doubt the gifts God has given me and start to wonder if I really have any at all. Being my best friend, he sensed my self-doubt and shared a beautiful truth he's learned in the mission field.

I'm reminded of something they teach us as missionaries in learning the language - never compare yourself to someone else....For me, in learning Russian, I've discovered that as long as you're trying your best , you will be able at the exact level that the Lord NEEDS you to be at.

Lately I've found myself caught in what Elder Holland called, "our culture's obsession with comparing, competing, and never feeling we are enough." My friend's observation taught me the key to escaping this miserable mindset - trusting that God gives us all that we need.

Not all that we want, but all that we need. He is omniscient and omnipotent; He could certainly give me all the musical, artistic, intellectual skills I have ever desired. But He hasn't.

He has, however, provided for all of my temporal and spiritual needs. Every time I ask in faith, He aids. And I know that despite my impractical, not-so-marketable major, my Heavenly Father will provide for my needs in His due time.

One of my mom's friends has a sign on her front door that reads, "you have everything you need to be happy." That little phrase made me wonder, would I really be any happier if I was thinner, prettier, richer, smarter, or more talented? No, I wouldn't. Happiness is based on obedience to the Lord's commandments and the attitude we choose to have. So even though I've thought that I needed all those extra things, I
not what we possess or who we impress. I don't need anything else to be happy.

I must remember to be grateful for all that I have and also be grateful that God in His infinite wisdom has not given me any more than He has.

And when I look at what He has given me, I feel the warmth of the Spirit confirm that yes, I really do have everything I need to be happy.


  1. I love your blog because it's always so uplifting! I totally get what you're saying about BYU. Everyone is just so good at so many things, it's a lot easier when I just forget them and think about me and everything I can do.

    I honestly thought everyone here was getting 4.0's until I found out the average GPA at BYU was a 2.5. >.<

  2. So true. I have a favorite song by Michael McLean titled "What I Need" and part of the song includes these lyrics: "Instead of all those things I thought I really wanted, I've been given what I need. Even when I didn't understand, when I thought you had no heart, thank you for rejecting my demands and always giving me the better part." What a loving Heavenly Father we have!