Sunday, June 13, 2010

"All my life, I've lived for loving you."

My amazing little sister graduates from high school this week, and so for her graduation present I decided to make a slideshow celebrating her life and everything she is.

Our family watched it and bawled our eyes out.
The combination of me returning to BYU on Saturday and Megan's preparations to leave home at the end of August has made us a little nostalgic.

But we have faith in Heavenly Father's plan for us; we know that "some things are meant to be."

"All my life, I've lived for loving you. Let me go now."


  1. What is this song?? I love it! Cutest slide show EVER!! Tasha I'm SO excited you're coming to provo on Saturday! Jamba celebration!! :D

  2. This is a wonderful gift. Thanks Tasha.

    It has been a wonderful spring with you home to share all the important milestones in your siblings lives.

    You have been so selfless in your service to them and others.

    Having a hard time with the letting you go and at the same time I know what lays ahead provides the most growth.....

    If I can find a way to let go and still hold on a tiny bit, I will let you know. Because I am working on it.
    .l.o.v.e... y.o.u.

  3. that was unbelievably sweet. you're a great sister.

  4. You guys are all so sweet! Thanks for the kind words!

    Breanna, the song is "Some Things Are Meant To Be" from Little Women the Musical. Jo and Beth sing it together when Beth realizes she is dying. It is one of the few songs my sister and I both like, so it worked out perfectly for the slide show!

  5. What a great slide show and a wonderful song too. Congratulations to your sister!