Monday, April 12, 2010

What a beautiful Monday!

Taken on my trip to the Provo temple Friday the 9th

Since finals are coming up, I haven't had much time to write a real post. I hope you enjoy these Monday links and a little tidbit of what is going on in my mind. I promise there is more meaty stuff coming soon :]

*10 days from now, I will be flying home. I'm not sure how I am going to get everything done in that short amount of time, but it will work out somehow!
*I watched this movie a couple weeks ago. It is intense, but so good. And in German :]
*This is my new favorite music video. So ridiculous!
*I absolutely love this building.
*I think I need to make this. I love barrettes and my collections needs an update.
*This made me cry. In the computer lab. It's beautiful.
*This is my favorite song at the moment.
*Love this post.
*Tomorrow evening is my choir concert in the beautiful Provo Tabernacle! I love singing praises to God in that beautiful building!
*Love this post from Brother Bott!
*This made me think.
*This weekend my friend went hiking and found a mini hot air balloon. We had a lot of fun playing with it, and fortunately did not burn down any buildings. Hooray!
*This dance is incredibly beautiful, and their comments afterwords made me teary-eyed.
*As mentioned before I went to the temple with my best friend. As always, it was a beautiful experience. I get to be roommates with that beautiful girl come fall, and it is going to be so great. She brings out the best in me and "because I knew her, I have been changed for good." I love you Courts!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone, and enjoy the wonders of spring!


  1. tasha i always enjoy your posts :) i hope you do GREAT in finals and that you are enjoying this wonderful spring.

  2. Oh lovely lady! I feel as if I just feed off of your wonderfulness, and then come later, I realize that somehow I have helped you too! Next year is going to be wonderful! Let's just make sure never to take each other for granted okay?