Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Eternal Family

My little brother had an assignment which consisted of finishing sentences. They were pretty awesome, such as:

I wish I could change...the end of Harry Potter.
When I'm alone, I...sing songs of Michael Jackson.
When I'm going to bed I think about...Harry Potter.
The worst thing that has ever happened to me was...all my friends and family moved away. But not on the same day.
Three things people describe me as awesome dude, rad, and Christlike.

But here's the best one.
The best day of my life was...when I learned that my family is eternal.

Not going to Disneyland or Christmas or a birthday, but when he learned that his family can be together forever. He is the most amazing little boy that I know. He teaches me so much. I love him with all my heart.

But this is the part that made me cry.

After this assignment, my mom asked my brother where he learned this beautiful truth. And he said that he learned it from me. One day he was crying because he didn't want me go away to school. To help him feel better, I told him that because Mom and Dad were sealed in the temple, our family can be together forever. If we try our very best to be good, we can someday all be together and never have to miss anyone. We can have a fullness of joy.

I didn't know if he understood that abstract concept, or if it would be able to comfort him. But know I know that it has.

Some days it gets really hard, and I want to run home to be encircled by the arms that always love me, to see this sweet little face.

But I know that my place is here in snowy Utah, to learn "big girl things" and to grow up.

But I also know that my family can be together forever.
Oh, how grateful I am for that!

And this is what we'll be doing for eternity.


  1. thanks for this. Yup, I love you!

  2. That is the sweetest thing ever! You have an amazing family Tasha--thanks for sharing!

  3. Your mom told this story in sacrament this past weekend. It touched my heart and I am so glad to know that it's true AND that you got to share that truth with James!