Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow

Though some people complain about the snow, I truly believe that it is a tender mercy from the Lord. Maybe it's just because I'm from So Cal and I don't have to go tracting in it all day, but I think snow is beautiful and magical. It seems to make this dirty, dusty, ordinary world beautiful and majestic. It kinda makes the earth more like a temple, covering everything in white. Also, people feel sorry for missionaries when they are out in the cold and are more willing to let them in the door! Most of all, it finally feels like Christmas. And no time of the year is better than Christmas.

Have a Happy Winter, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE winter in Utah!! It's so magical. I don't mind the cold, because it's so sunny and the snow glistens. In D.C. it's just as cold, but less sun and snow. Not as much fun. Enjoy these BYU days. I look back on them as some of my fondest memories.