Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two of my current favorite paintings

This one I love because of the graceful lines of the figures, the reverent mood, and the symbolism. Each angel represents a member of the Godhead. The figure on the left is clad in robes of an urethral green and has a mountain behind him, signifying the place where men go to draw near unto God. He is the Holy Ghost. The central figure, representing Christ, wears crimson robes with a royal golden stripe. He places two fingers on the table to signify His dual nature as mortal and divine, and gestures to the cup on the table that alludes to His sacrifice. The tree behind Him references His death on the cross. These two figures incline their heads towards the right figure, God the Father, signifying their reverence and submission to Him. This right figure wears heavenly robes of blue and gold and sits in front of His mansion in heaven. And oh, His face! I just love that expression of divine peace and faith that is not aloof but full of faith. I love how this piece depicts the Godhead as three distinct beings with their own characteristics, and yet so united. I feel like this icon invites the Spirit and helps me understand the Godhead better.
I love this piece because it is so clean and simple. I love the gentle lines, the muted colors, the wide spaces without too much crowded in them. In an age where it was fashionable to add lots of secondary details and be melodramatic, this work is quite refreshing. It's true that Mary is probably too too large to fit through that doorway in the back, and that her stool is awfully big as well, but I feel that painting still works - and it is still lovely. I wouldn't mind living in a monastery if I got to look at this masterpiece every day.

Oh, how I love being an art historian. :]


  1. Thanks for posting. I feel like I just had 10 minutes with Tasha in the museum. I loved our trips to the museum this spring. It is so fun to hear you talk about art. It makes me so excited! Love you

  2. You're an art historian? What a fun job! I love both pieces of art, thanks for sharing them, they inspire reflection, adoration, reverence.