Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recapturing Beauty Day 3: Accentuate the Positive

Photo by Julie Blackmon. 

Today's challenge is to list 20 positive things about yourself - 10 that deal with your appearance and 10 that do not. Here goes:

10 things I like about myself:
*I'm not afraid to laugh. 
*I'm not afraid to express my emotions as I used to be. 
*I've been blessed with the ability to sing and opportunities to use it. 
*I am an active blogger who uses her blog to share her testimony and has been able to touch other people through it. 
*I'm loved by some pretty incredibly people.
*I know how to work hard.
*I am loyal and supportive to the people I love. 
*Yesterday I made a sculpture of Perry the Platypus!
*I give a pretty mean bear hug. 
*I am a daughter of God. 

10 things I like about my appearance:
*This may sound funny, but I love my moles. I have tons of them all over my arms and legs and entire body, but I don't mind because they make me who I am. They are something special God has given to me. 
*I've inherited some cute little toes. 
*My eyes squint when I smile or laugh. It's kinda ridiculous and makes picture-taking a challenge, but I think it more fully expresses the joy I have in my life. 
*I love my long, blonde hair - especially when I have the chance to curl it! 
*I look a lot like my mom, my dad, and both of my siblings. I love being connected with such wonderful people!
*I'm starting to develop dancer's feet with blisters and scrapes and bruises that testify of the hard work I've put into this art that I love. 
*I have small hands that fit snugly into large, kind, protective ones.
*I have dark blue eyes with some crazy green and brown flecks in there. They're an adventure in and of themselves!
*I'm not too short and not too tall; I feel like I'm just the right size. (Well...I feel that way most of the time.)
*I have a healthy body that gives me opportunities that many people never have. 

(I hope you weren't bored or annoyed by that. I  absolutely hate writing about myself because I feel like I'm being narcissistic like one of these girls - but hopefully my lists helped you to think of things that you love about yourself because you are pretty fabulous and I sure love you!)

Anyway, as hard as those lists were to write, I am grateful for them. I didn't realize just how critical I am of myself until I had to think of those 20 things! I don't think God wants us to dwell on all that we lack; instead, I think He would have us focus on our strengths and build from there. I think I'll start working harder on that.

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  1. My favorite is the toes and hands part! THe sweetest part is that you don't mind looking like the rest of your family!!! hahah and I love your long blonde hair too! Love you baby