Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Links Return!

I loved doing Monday links so much that I brought it back this week. Who knows, this may end up becoming a tradition!

*I love this idea
*This observation from a fellow art history friend made me laugh.
*This movie is so precious.
*This is apparently a real German Children's show. My mom sent me the video and now my family and German class are all hooked. We can't stop saying, "Toll, toll, super toll!" (Translation: cool, cool, super cool!
*I want to do this someday
*Finding this was one of the best parts of the week!
*Here you can also sign up to get an LDS quote sent to your inbox every day.
*9 years ago today a most incredible person was born. I look up to my brother in many ways (but obviously not physically). He is talented, insightful, smart, funny and quite the dancer (just watch this!) but I mostly admire him for his faith and kindness. When he is treated unkindly, he brushes it off and continues to love and forgive. That is something I struggle with, and I hope to become as loving as he is. James has brought so much laughter and sunshine into our lives; I don't know how we ever got along without him. He has made our family complete.

Happy birthday Sasquatch! I am proud to be your big sister.

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