Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Reading for a Spring Day

Taken March 2007

Happy Monday everyone! It is a beautiful sunny day and it is fun to see spring popping up all around! I've encountered a lot of powerful blog posts this past week, and thought I would focus my Monday Links on that. I hope you find this reading as uplifting as I have!

*This is one of my favorite posts about trials EVER. Read it. It will change your viewpoint on comforting forever.
*This made me laugh so hard!
*These two poems are so beautiful. Please read them.
*Watched this over the weekend and loved it!
*Did you know that BYU Independent Study offers free courses? They have gardening, religion, bowling, and even dating. I think I'll take one over the summer. How great is that?!
*My dear friend posted this yesterday. It is fabulous!
*This post is so cute!
*If I was a penguin, I would want to live here.
*My best friend is serving his mission in Ukraine, and in his weekly email he wrote, "Ukrainian church activities are a lot like Power Ranger Episodes...They always follow the same format and out line but with slightly different characters to mix things up. Americans have their pot lucks with Primary Kids singing and Ukrainians have something that more resembles an extended roadshow. There is some sort of loose plot that ties together a variety of performances and games and them cookies and juice for dessert." Of all the metaphors in the world, he used Power Rangers. But it made my day!
*This is a great talk too.
*Going to this on Friday! One of my work friends is in the choir and got us discount tickets. It's gonna be awesome!
*I kinda want to live here. But only for like 2 days.
*Yesterday my little brother was learning about Moses parting the Red Sea in Primary. When they showed a picture of the event, he quipped, "Looks like the blue sea to me." What would we do without him?
*Tomorrow my choir is singing a GORGEOUS arrangement of "O Say, What is Truth" at the BYU Devotional! You can watch it at 11 am MST here.

And if you need a this!

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  1. Wow! I love the independent study free courses! That's awesome! Wait, do they count towards your GPA, do you even get a grade, or is it more just for fun?