Sunday, March 28, 2010

Everyday Heroes

I have discovered that life is not a series of great heroic acts. Life at its best is a matter of consistent goodness and decency...I have observed that it is not the geniuses that make the difference in this world. I have observed that the work of this world is done largely by men and women of ordinary talent who have worked in an extraordinary manner. -Gordon B. Hinckley


Today I want to write about my heroes. These people are simple, accomplishing amazing things just by living good, consistent, selfless lives. They do not realize their influence. These are the people who inspire me to be my best self, and I hope they inspire you too.

1. Mom
My mom is my best friend. I call her all the time to talk about my struggles, my funnies, and my lovelies. She makes me laugh every day. She makes me smile every day. She drops what she is doing every day to talk me through my difficulties. Of course she is not perfect, but she puts her whole heart and soul into being the best she can be. She has an amazing gift to connect with people. I am amazed at her ability to recognize those who are silently struggling and think up ways to serve them without making them feel like a "service project." When I grow up, I want to be everything that she is.

2. Dad
I just wrote a post all about my dad a couple weeks ago, but I had to include him in this one as well. He is the hardest working man I know. He has given up everything he has to support our family and serve the Lord. He is so smart, so talented, so wise, and He has consecrated all of that to the Lord. He may be quiet, but he has a strong testimony of the gospel and guides our family in living it. I couldn't have asked for a better father.

3. James
My brother is ridiculously awesome. Ridiculously. He makes up his own songs on the piano and while he's doing his homework. He takes scraps of paper and turns them into art. He makes me laugh every day with his witty, sassy comments. He's made up his own breakdancing moves from the time he was 5 years old. He loves the gospel. He is selfless and kind to those who are unkind to him. He is the definition of love. He has made our family complete.

4. Brian
I could talk about Brian for ages. He is funny, smart, thoughtful, selfless, always willing to serve and has an amazing gift to make other people feel comfortable. He always sees the best in me and helps me to feel my Heavenly Father's love. He's currently serving a mission in Ukraine and has thrown himself into the work. He LOVES to serve and he loves the Lord. He has shown time and again that he is willing to give his whole soul over to the Lord. And as he has done that, he has been transformed into an even amazing young man. I am so grateful to have him as my best friend.

4. Courtney
Courtney is my soul sister. We are alike in so many ways, from being the oldest children to singing in choir to loving family history! I first noticed her because she is incredibly friendly and kind to everyone she meets; when it comes to relationships, she is fearless. That is something I want to develop in myself, and I look to her example so often in that area. I see her as the definition of charity, and the way she lives her life testifies of Christ. She understands my heart and is willing to drop everything to serve me. I am grateful for her example and her friendship!

6. Marshall
Marshall is brilliant, though he would never say so himself. I am astounded by all the things he knows how to do, and even more astounded that he can do so many of those things with great skill! He is bursting at the seams with creativity and encourages me to think about things of eternity. Whenever I talk to him, he uplifts me and inspires me to be a better scriptorian and a more committed Latter-day Saint. He is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about using that knowledge to serve other people. He is going to do amazing things in this world - oh wait, he already is.

7. Hillary
Hillary is a constant in my life. We first met doing sound for Christian Youth Theater, where she patiently taught me all the duties of the sound board, and she has been patiently teaching me ever since. She is truly a woman of God, and even though that means she has to stand alone sometimes, she is willing to make that sacrifice for Him. Her faith and charity are inspiring. And even though I don't get to see her very often, I know that whenever we do get together again, we will pick up right where we left off. I am grateful to have a friendship with her that will last throughout the eternities.

8. David
David is another constant in my life. He is always there when I need someone to talk to, and has helped me through so many tough times. He always sees my strengths and reminds of them, for which I am grateful because this critical world causes me to forget. I only wish that he could use that gift on himself and recognize how wonderful he is! He is a talented ballroom dancer, a great conversationalist, a hard worker, a dedicated servant of the Lord, and a selfless, loyal friend.

9. Breanna
Breanna is one of my favorite people to work with. She is always willing to do the tasks that no one else wants to do. Plus, she is beautiful, fun, and incredibly loving. She always sees the best in other people and I have NEVER heard her make a negative remark. She helps me to recognize strengths in others and in myself. She loves Disney Princesses, but I think that she is more amazing than any character put on the screen.

10. Joshua
Oh, Joshua. He's tall, dark and handsome. He sings in BYU Men's Chorus. He's Dutch. He's hilarious. He is thoughtful. He has an amazing family. He always makes me feel loved and valued. He is hard working, yet fun-loving. He brings games into the workplace, making it a joy to be there. He brings joy wherever he goes. He radiates the Light of Christ.

And of course, my most important hero, Jesus Christ.

All of the people I have listed above have blessed me because they have taught me about Jesus Christ through their words and deeds. They are evidence of the Savior's love for me.

But it is through Christ alone that I am healed.

He has borne my griefs and carried my sorrows. When words fail and no one else can comfort me, He speaks peace to my soul. He has atoned for me sins and through His grace I will be able to be made perfect. He helps me through my struggles and forgives even though I make so many mistakes. I am astounded by His patience with such a slow and stubborn creature such as me. He has given my family power to be together forever. He has shown me the way to find true happiness in this life and the next. He helps me to progress and fulfill the measure of my creation.

Without my Redeemer I am nothing. But through the cleansing and enabling power of His atonement, He is shaping me into something wonderful.

And for that, I rejoice.


  1. You are the sweetest, kindest person ever!! Thank you so much Tasha! I am seriously honored to be on your blog! This means so much to me. Love you!

  2. Thank you for your comments Tasha! You are a great friend and are greatly appreciated for all of the good that you do! Thank you for your Christ-like service and example!

    You are quick to observe, and have an unshakable devotion to virtuous and lovely things. Your blog is fantastic!

  3. wow. Tasha, you are one of my heroes. Thanks for being awesome and for appreciating people so much.