Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 "Friday" Parodies

So my husband and I love finding parodies of Rebecca Black's "Friday." Of course, some of them are even worse than the original, but we've actually found some good ones. The list is getting so long that I decided that I just had to share.

10. The Glee Version. They make it sound more like a dance party mix.

9. The Stars Wars Version, aka "Prime Day."

8. The Conan O' Brien Version, "Thursday." Horrible quality, but that's the point, right? This version of the rap cracks me up!

7. The Christopher Walken voice over. Famous for "my hand is a dolphin!"

6. The Christian Church Ad, "Sunday." This girl doesn't sing much better than Rebecca Black. I love the rap that her pastor does in the middle!

5. The Bob Dylan version. I love this version because it is so soothing, and the comments are hilarious!

4. The Chinese Version. He actually makes it sound quite nice!

3. The soulful Mullet-guy version. I'm not sure what the best part is - his purple shirt, his hair, the beautiful piano line, how melodramatic he is. Judge for yourself. 

2. The Rockin' Acoustic Version. It makes me so happy. 

1. The bad lip read, aka "Gang Fight." This is Brandon's absolute favorite. They change the melody of the song, so it's less annoying, and the lyrics are oh-so quotable. "Sweet Carp on the side!"

Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did!

PS- My good friend Li-Sha reminded me of another great version by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. Don't miss it! Thanks Li-Sha :]


  1. Ok, those last four are FANTASTIC and the last one actually helps get the song out of my head! AWESOME!

  2. That was HILARIOUS!! Gang fight and Conan's versions were my favorite.

  3. haha! please tell me you've seen the stephen colbert/jimmy fallon version...

  4. oh and my favorite thing ever is how she didn't even write the song, her parents paid an adult to write it for her.

  5. I love the voice over one and the Conan one! So excellent! You should also look up the Stephen Colbert one too! It's really funny and epic. ;)