Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Little Brother is Growing Up.

Ten years ago today, my sweet brother was born. He was due on the last day of February, and when he didn't come I prayed that the baby would be born the next day. And he did. It was pretty exciting for a ten year old's prayer to be answered in such an exciting way. 

I remember waiting all day for him to come, fidgeting my way through school and my afternoon homework, anxiously waiting for the time when we could go to the hospital to see my mom. We were in the room at 10:44 pm when my brother came into this world - and what a special experience that was. 

James made our family complete. He is a very unique and special spirit. He has my father's calm, gentle spirit and my mother's ridiculous sense of humor. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel and is constantly looking for ways to serve. Even in his preschool days, he was always willing to share and compromise with his peers, just because he wanted them to be happy. 

James has always been my little buddy. It has been a joy to be his older sister and somewhat of a second mom. I love reading to him, playing checkers with him, talking on the phone with him, snuggling up with him while watching a movie, listening to the songs he makes up, and just being in his presence. He makes me want to be a better person. He amazes me with his creativity, his humility, his goodness. He is truly an angel on earth.  


I can't believe that he is becoming a little man, and in just three more years he will be a teenager! I don't worry too much about him though, for I'm sure he will be the sweetest teenage boy the world has ever known. I can tell that my brother is going to do amazing things in his life, and I look forward to watching them unfold. 



Happy birthday, sweet boy! We all love you so dearly. 


  1. This is wonderful! I wish I could blog like you! This makes me so very happy, thank-you for remembering him on his special day!

  2. Actually, I miss my sister cum mom too. You are so lucky that you got a very good brother as your soul.I misjudged my sister. Hope my Swiss banker sister sees this.