Saturday, March 12, 2011

Someone is having a birthday...

I'm so lucky to wake up to this face every morning!
(Well, he's usually not this exuberant or this scruffy...
but you know what I mean.)
Today is my sweetheart's birthday. Yes - my darlin', my honey pie, my pickle breath - he is 27 today. 

To celebrate, we are going to the temple, snuggling up together in front of a movie, and I am going to attempt to make him an apple pie. (Thankfully, his sister Melinda will be helping me, so I shouldn't set anything on fire this time.)

I will spare you another mushy post listing all of the reasons why I love him, because heaven knows you have all had to read far too many of those in the past couple of months. I'll just give you a picture instead.

I love you, honey. Like, a whole stinkin' lot. I'm so glad we get to be together forever. 


  1. Happy Birthday Brandon Moon!!! I thought about you yesterday a couple time actually, but I never notified you that I am wishing you a happy birthday!!! Thanks for making Tasha oh so very happy! That makes me happy too! :-)

  2. You both are great together! Love you