Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Links!

Today, I am just feeling like there is so much good in the world I just have to share it!

*You should totally read this talk. It is full of great quotes and beautiful doctrines. It made my morning!
*This song got me through last week.
*This song will probably get me through this week. 
*Or maybe this one. (When you work 4 nights a week and only really have weekends to see your fianc√© and do wedding stuff, you need some help getting through the week.)
*We are sending out wedding announcements this week! :D
*I bought $5 hot pink tennis shoes from here, and they just might be my favorite shoes. Ever.
*Only this long until I finally get to marry my best friend. (It seems so close, and yet so far)
*We bought one of these yesterday and now our apartment is finally starting to feel like a home!
*I really, really want some of these.
*This website has the reasons why I get each morning and why my life is filled with such joy. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. What happy things! Hope everything is coming along well, Tasha! :) I'm excited to see your wedding announcements! That shelf is super cute, by the way. Shelfs are definitely handy...Heaven knows we don't have enough at our apartment; Forrest is making us some..haha

  2. I love the Wailin' Jennies. Good call. =)

  3. i think that i just died looking at all those brownies. they look so good! i love decorating my own apartment, it's the best thing ever! and you're only roommate is your best friend. it's the greatest. i'm so excited for you!