Friday, January 21, 2011

Guess what's finally in the mail?

These little beauties. 


My favorite part is that my fiancé designed them himself. Who would've thought that a computer scientist and an art historian would make such a good match? We have fun discussions about technology, art, and all the social implications - plus his ability to fix my gadgets is pretty darn attractive. I consider myself a very lucky girl. 

Look for yours in the mail very soon!


  1. so so cute! I can't wait to get mine. That's so cool he designed it himself!

  2. you registered at rei? you're a GENIUS! i wish i did that!!

  3. Tasha!

    You guys are just... adorable!!! I am SO SO happy for you. I love your announcement too, but I had to laugh when I saw the reception addresses smudged out... at first I was like...? Then I realized you probably don't want stalkers/hobos showing up for the food...

  4. Yeah Tasha! So excited for you, and take it from me "Brandon"'s make fantastic husbands! Loves from the Peters' Family! Oh, and little Taylor that you used to watch is now in Preschool! Can you believe it?

  5. How great! You two are so cute together. :)

  6. I was so happy to get ours in the mail. We just wish we would be there to celebrate with you. Look for a little something in the mail in the next few days. Nothing big, just wanted to let you know how happy we are for both of you!