Friday, July 30, 2010

Visiting Teaching Under the Stars.

"Let's sit outside," she said.
(There was too much going on in her apartment anyway.)
So we squished ourselves on a bench,
All three of us
and one teachee.

We talked for a while
about our lives,
our backgrounds,
our classes,
our plans,
our hopes,
our dreams.
And then we prayed.
It felt a little strange,
to be praying outside
where the evening swimmers could hear us,
but she said we should go for it.
It's just like her, 
to jump in head-first,

We talked about the blessing of eternal families,
how to protect them,
how to strengthen them.
We shared stories of our own families.
We bore our souls,
sharing joys and losses
and gratitude 
for the Gospel of Jesus Christ
which teaches that death is not the end. 

We had come to teach her,
 but in reality,
she was teaching us.
She is naturally strong in the areas where I am weak,
and her simple observations taught me
how I can be better.
I hope she knows
the gift she has given me.

We were strangers a month ago,
but that night,
we became friends.
as three different hearts
were knit together 
by the love of Christ.

We may only be together for a short time,
but our friendship will last much longer
and we will never forget that night
when we sat together on a little bench,
bare arms tickled by the warm summer breeze,
and enjoyed our view of the star-filled sky. 

For it was then
that we caught a glimpse
of God's plan for us
and the joys of eternity.


  1. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  2. Oh Tahsa! You have such a beautiful way with words! I wish I could write like you!

  3. I totally agree with Princess Aurora, you totally do have a way with words, i love reading your blog :)