Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Links

Hello all,

I hope these make your Monday a little less grey and a little more colorful!

*This made me laugh so hard! Especially the operatic rapping...
*I just read this book and loved it! There is so much wisdom in there. And you can get yourself a copy for 1 cent on Amazon. 
*This is my new favorite blog.
*I just bought this and love it.
*This poem is breathtaking.
*And so is this one
*I want this really badly.
*We saw them in the park on July 3rd, and they were fabulous!
*Thanks to this, my voicemail message has taken a Swan Dive for the better. 
*If I didn't already love the BYU Men's Chorus, this would win me over in no time.
*This essay is beautifully thought-provoking.
*This is my favorite song at the moment.
*And this one too.
*And this as well.
*Check this out. I think it's pretty great :]
*I love the summer.

Have a wonderful, beautiful, fabulous week!


  1. Oh Tasha! I loved every single thing on here! Thank you for sharing! I just love Monday now!

  2. That's so awesome Tasha, I especially loved the UP engagement ring! :)