Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's new in life?

Hello to anyone that reads this, or just to the void.

Life is officially getting busy. I've been doing schoolwork, working extra hours, going to the temple once a week, and I got a new calling! I'm a family history consultant for my ward! I am team teaching a FH class and am just supposed to help whoever needs it. I taught the first lesson today and it went pretty well...other than running out of material 20 minutes before church let out. Oops! It went well though, and lots of people came to the class, which made really pleased. I have such good and supportive friends.

We are continuing to practice for our stake performance "From Cumorah's Hill" which will be put on on Feb 22. It is awesome material, and it will be fantastic! I love the songs and getting to sing with others in my stake.

So I put that picture up there on my blog because 1. It's beautiful and I love it and 2. I wanted to brag about how awesome my best friend is. I've been freaking out this week with all the stuff I've had to do, and Brian is always there to bring peace back into my life. It is such a blessing to have him to remind me of the eternal perspective, but also for me to be able to help him when he needs it. I will miss him when he goes on his mission in the summer, but I am mostly excited because he's gonna be the best missionary EVER!!!

Well, as they say in You've Got Mail, "Goodnight, dear void."

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