Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back from California!

Wow, I feel like it's been forever since I blogged! We visited my family in San Diego last week, and are now back in Provo getting ready for the school year. It's hard to believe that it is my last one, and I will be graduating around April! 

Usually when we go to San Diego, we try to get a lot of sightseeing in. But on this trip, I was too tired to do much. I was a little worried that my slower pace would take some of the fun out of our vacation, but I think it actually made the trip better. Instead of focusing on things to do, we focused on being with one another. Some of my favorite memories from the trip are doing puzzles with my dad, having heart-to-hearts with my mom and sister, and the way James would crawl into bed with us for some morning snuggles. I feel so blessed to be part of a family that is so kind and loving. 

Doing origami with friends while camping

We made rockets for Phineas and Ferb Friday!

We love doing crafts after dinner, but this one made me a little frustrated...

The temple is way more gorgeous in person

Jumping over the waves!

Snuggle time!

With our cute friends, the Mitchells

Our wonderful family at Lake Gregory

I'm so grateful that my family is eternal!

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  1. I'm so jealous! I miss San Diego so much. We are planning to get back there next summer, so I'll have to wait. The Mitchells are awesome too! I'm glad you had such a nice time, even though you had to slow down a bit.