Sunday, July 10, 2011

Overheard at the Moons': Benson

Benson at our wedding
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Benson is the cutest member of our family. Hands down. We got to spend some time with the extended Moon family this weekend, and our 3-year-old nephew kept us in stitches. Here are some of the things he did to make us laugh. 

We were up in the mountains visiting a ranch, and the kiddos had fun riding horses. Poor Benson fell off and got a boo boo on his head. We asked him about it later on.
Me: "Did you get a boo boo?"
Benson: "Yeah...I got it..."
Brandon: "On the horse?"
Benson: "No, [points a finger in the air] on the ground!"

Being an introvert, Benson often gets overwhelmed by all the people at family gatherings. He finds solace in playing games on his dad's smartphone. But when the phone died, he got a little bit frustrated. 
Benson: "I want to go back!"
Me: "Oh no, the phone is dead."
Benson: "No, it's not."
Me: "Yeah, it ran out of battery juice. We need to charge it."
Benson: [laughing] "It's not juice!"

But the best part was when Benson's dad was trying to get him to pee on a tree. He was not easily convinced, but when Brandon agreed to go with him, Benson finally decided it was a good idea. But poor Benson didn't have any of his own juice, and burst into tears when he realized that his manly tree-peeing dreams were not going to come true that day. 

Sorry buddy. Better luck next time. 

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