Friday, October 2, 2009

My life is average

I discovered the coolest website today, (also known as MLIA). Basically anyone can go on and post funny, random, happy things that happened to them during the day. Here are a few of my favorites:

Today, I felt something small and cold fall directly onto my head. I reached up and discovered that a penny had fallen into my hair. I was inside and no one was standing near me. I still have no idea how this happened, but I plan on keeping this Magic Penny forever. MLIA

Today, in my college physical science class, my professor said "this part of the lesson is really boring, so I am going to put on my mullet wig." He then proceeded to pull one of out his bag, place it on his bald head, and teach with a straight face. Never have I enjoyed physical science class so much. MLIA.

Today, a kid in my class told the teacher that his dog ate his homework. The teacher laughed, until the kid silently pulled out a clear ziplock bag with an obviously chewed piece of paper in it. We all applauded. MLIA

Today I was calling for my cat who was outside, her name is Pancake, after calling for a third time my neighbor shouts out his window, "I've got the syrup." He's 90 years old and now I remember why I've always thought he was cool.

Today, I watched Bear in the Big Blue House for the first time since I as 7. I'm 18 now and the first thing Bear said when he opened the door was 'My, how you've grown!'It made me feel good to know he remembers me. MLIA

Today, I gave my spanish 2 class an exam which consisted of pictures of household items and the question "What is this used for?", asking them to respond in Spanish. #3 was an armoire. I gave full credit to 75 students, including the 18 who said "to find Narnia" and the 2 who said "to hold boggarts" MLIA

And my favorite...

Today, I was sitting in my room and heard a little boy outside sneeze. I said bless you, and five seconds later, I heard a very hesitant...."God??." MLIA

This website gives me hope in humanity and helps me to appreciate the little things in my day. Enjoy!


  1. Hi, it is me again using your google account so I can make a comment under you name on your own blog. But, that is the essence of our complicated relationship.

    I love these stories. I love this site. Life as it is is so much better than anything Hollywood could hope to recreate. Disney however can compete. Love you MOM

  2. Oh those are hilarious! I need to get right over to that site apparently. I love it!