Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new year

Things I learned in 2008:

*How to love difficult people
*How to get along with roommates
*How to stay close to my family from 705 miles away
*How to stay happy while waiting
*How to dance Hip Hop
*How to stand alone for what is right
*How to rely on the Lord and know He'll provide
*How to pray effectively
*How to find peace during times of uncertainty
*How to serve in a calling
*How to hold onto dreams
*How to love selflessly
*How to cook for myself
*How to live without Disneyland!
*How to make the Savior my friend
*How to sing in a choir
*How to appreciate art
*How to enjoy the simple things
*How to share my testimony every day
*How to do missionary work
*How to find answers to prayer
*How to raise and love children
*What I want my future home to be like
*What true love is
*Qualities that I need to work on
*The blessing of forever friends
*How to let go and let God
*The incredible power of the Atonement

My goals this year are to:

*Be more friendly and selfless
*Regain my confidence without losing humility
*Get close to my new roommates
*Learn to let my best friend go as he leaves on his mission
*Spend more time in the library
*Audition (and hopefully get in to!) an auditioned choir
*Not hide my light under a bushel
*Go to the temple once a month
*Feel beautiful
*Be healthier
*Find joy in the journey
*Keep a better journal
*Draw nearer to my Savior

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