Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I'm going to do with my life...

So I have decided to switch my major! I am now going to major in Art History and curatorial studies and minor in vocal music! I'm so excited I've figured out for sure. I want to work in a museum and talk to little kids on field trips, and maybe teach voice lessons. The future is looking good :]


  1. That's wonderful!!! You will be great! I'm so excited for you that you know what you want... sometimes figuring that out is the hardest part... my only advice to you is that now that you have decided what you want to do you should write down some where (a journal is a great place) why you want to do that... what is your reason. That way when challenges come up, that seem to be keeping you from your goal (and at some point there will probably be at least one of those) you can go back and read why you were wanting to head this direction in the first place. Just a thought... I bet you are going to do great!

  2. hey tasha :]
    i haven't talked to you in ages! that is so exciting! i just know the amazing feeling you get when you know what you want to do. its just a feeling of such confidence! anyway best of luck!!