Saturday, October 25, 2008

High School Musical 3!!!

After a long wait of 100 days I finally saw HSM 3 tonight!!! While it was cheesily wonderful - but also much more skanky - I must honestly say that I liked #2 the best. This one seemed more like a string of music videos than a musical. I was actually very confused at times. But still, I would love to see it again soon.

"Can I Have This Dance" video (my favorite song from it!)

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  1. So Brandon and I saw it on opening day. That's a loving husband - one that braves High School Musical. It was super cheesy, wasnt it. Thought it was fun all the same. We are going to miss you at Thanksgiving - we are going to my parents. I really wanted you to see Tay - she is speaking in "sentences." "I want this." "I want juice." It's really cute. Hope all is well!