Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good News!!!

Hey friends! Thanks for all of your supportive comments. It's so nice to know that you all love me and hear such encouraging words.

Well, God is so good to me! Yesterday it all came together. I got my loan finally figured out, my tuition finally paid, and all the classes picked. Plus, all my roommates got to be together for the first time and we had a lot of fun staying up late and chatting. With old friends coming back and new friends being made, it's finally starting to feel like home. I went to the temple Thursday morning and realized that the only way I am gonna feel better is if I lose myself in trying to love my roomies and trying to make them feel at home. And so far, it's worked :]

Today is the first football game! I'm so excited. I can't wait to see Brian in the marching band and show some school spirit!!! Plus Brian's parents had two extra tickets, so we set up my summer roommate Rachel and Brian's current roommate Alex on a blind date! We just got them together to give them their tickets and they seemed to get along really well :D They are two of my favorite people, so I hope they become good friends. And Rachel was even joking that this date could be "her Brian" so....who knows. This is BYU!!!!! Haha

Well I'm headed off for some shopping and football gaming so I will put up more news and pictures when I get home. Thanks for your love and support in all I do!!!



  1. Tasha, You darling thing! I just read your last two posts and am struck again at how you always know just what to write. I think we are on the same trials path right now. Just when I think things can't get hard enough, they do. But I know in Who I can trust and I need to focus only on that. Thanks Tasha! SO glad things are going well. Especially with that cute boys of yours. You are fabulous!

  2. Or I meant cute "boy" of yours. Sorry Brian! Didn't meant to stress you out.

  3. Tasha you just keep me smiling with your entries and positive attitude. Congrats on the new job and financial aid. I once spent 6 weeks trying to get a Pell Grant sorted out. It only gets easier from here on out!