Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well I suppose I should post an update...

1. I survived babysitting the Moores for a week...and I loved it! Logan and Gavin are such sweet kids and I miss them and their little mannerisms. I miss Logan telling me how he's trying to decide between a career as a garbage man or construction worker, and I miss Logan saying, "go go car waaash?" and yelling "strike!!!" when playing wii bowling (even though it usually wasn't a strike.) Such cute kids and a blessing of an opportunity.

2. My best friend Brian entered the MTC two weeks ago today. He says the MTC is intense but he loves it and his (yes two!) companions. I miss him a lot and it's hard to not be able to help him in person as I'm used to, but I can already see the blessings of this sacrifice. He has special gifts that the people of Ukraine need and I can see that he is growing as well. It is definitely worth it.

3. I am working at the San Diego County Fair! I work in the Home and Hobby Department, so before the fair I helped set up exhibits and take in entries, and during the fair I walk around the floor and answer people's questions. There are a lot of great people there and I am enjoying it. It has been a blessing to be able to earn money with this job and still have time left in my summer to relax and be with my family.

4. I am nineteen years old as of yesterday! To celebrate I went to Sea World with my friends Hillary, Kat, and Ashlee on Monday, and yesterday I went to see "Up" with my mom and siblings. The movie was SO GOOD! I think everyone should definitely see it. The message is that the greatest joys and adventures in life are just doing simple things with your friends and family. The Pixar short before the movie was sweet too. Bring lots of tissue, because we cried a lot! But definitely in a good way :]


  1. You are so adorable Tasha! I'm glad Brian's doing well. And THANK YOU for saying you cried in UP. Just another person to show my friend that it is a cry-worthy movie :-D

  2. Gavin is down to saying,"Go see Tasha" only 2-3 times a day now. He misses you!!!

  3. tasha- so excited to have u at camp as a tent mommy!

  4. Happy Birthday Tasha! You are so darling and I LOVE reading your blog!