Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dancing, Singing, Cooking, Stressing!

Hello Friends!

This week has been a fun one. It started off with some fun FHE games Monday night and a late night trip to feed the ducks at the botany pond. Unfortunately the ducks were not hungry and we ended up filling the pond with bread and chasing the ducks around the pond. It was a nice warm summer night and it was fun to get to know our FHE brother better. They are really great, fun guys.

Tuesday in my Book of Mormon class we sang "Book of Mormon Stories" and I got to lead the hand motions! Maybe I was being extra reverent. haha We also watched some funny old silent films in my Humanites class. I love the one of a body builder just flexing over and over again...that's entertainment?

That night was my second experience at the Social Dance Club. At first I was thinking I was in the wrong place because the guys I was dancing with were all really good and expected me to be too. But then the more amateur guys came and they were really fun to dance with. I love that I can go to a school where I can live my dancing dreams for FREE!

Thursday afternoon my grandparents and cousin Kayla came up from Hurricane and took me out to dinner. It was nice to see them and share our BYU stories. I look forward to seeing them more often now that I am closer by.

Friday was 7/11 aka Free Slurpee day! Unfortunately for me it was $1.25 slurpee day because by the time I got there all the complimentary cups were gone. But it was still enjoyable. It now officially feels like summer because I have had my slurpee.

After the slurpees it was MAN HATER NIGHT! My friend Holly had just gone through a break up, so we decided to let out some steam with some good old man hating activities. Apparently they had a bonfire of boy memorobilia in a dark parking lot and danced around it! Then we brushed each other's hair and sang Disney songs. Life in a dorm is good :]

Saturday night was the Social Dance Club's semi-formal dance! A few of us went and that was pretty fun, but then Emily, Heidi, and I moved next door to the Swing Dance, which was like heaven on earth! It was so fun to dance with really really good guys and just make stuff up as I went. I even got to dance with the hillarious "Tall Lanky Guy" (whose real name is Ransom...I'm not sure which is better!). They have dances every Saturday night, and I will surely be there from now on! Plus Emily and I are going to check out the hip hop club Tuesday night, which is sure to be a treat!

Today my roommate Rachel and I sang "Because I have been Given Much" in Sacrament Meeting, which was a treat. She is so fun to harmonize with :] Hopefully our voices are good enough to woo some guys! We just had a stake presidency fireside (including Brad Wilcox, who is one of the counselors!) about earning our Pioneer Legacy. It was very inspiring and made me want to be the best I can be.

My roommates and I made our first "fancy" Sunday dinner tonight! It was way fun. We had pork chops, mashed potatoes, salad, lemonade, and LOVE! We made sure to take lots of pictures too, since we were so proud of our work. Here is the link to the photo album.

Well this next week looks very scary...I have midterms starting Wednesday, an apartment cleaning check Wednesday, 12 hours of work, a talk to give on Sunday, and two dances this weekend. Yikes! I'm sure I will survive and learn lots from it, so next week's blog should be pretty long!

Lots of Love,


  1. tasha u are so cute! i will miss you at camp this year- but i guess your sister is a pretty good replacement. =)

  2. Tasha! So I was on your facebook profile, with the intentions of writing you a comment, when I noticed you had a blog! I was so excited about it :-D I love when my friends have blogs, makes me feel not so much like a loser that I have one. It sounds like your having so much fun though! Yay for BYU :)

  3. Sounds like everything is going well! Post more pictures! I wish I was in a Swing Dancing club - I'll just make due with dancing in the kitchen with Brandon (the best dance partner ever!)

    Tay is walking EVERYWHERE and is using more words! I'll post a video soon so you can see her!